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OneDrive for Business Sync Client – Issues solved, gaps closed

One of the most common usage of Office 365 is file sharing using SharePoint Online or – because of the 1TB free space – OneDrive for Business. Originally made for collaboration, Office 365 is not the best choice if it comes to file server migrations, compared to other options. But […]

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Layer2 Cloud Connector Pro Now With Enterprise Features

Layer2 Cloud Connector

Originally developed for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 external data integration, the Layer2 Cloud Connector now allows to connect and sync almost any systems with each other codeless. While Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offer applications and resources at an attractive, pay-as-you-go price, they often create new data […]

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Layer2 Cloud Connector V5 Simplifies Data Integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange and Dynamics

Layer2 has announced version 5 of the Cloud Connector for Office 365 and SharePoint integration. The “Swiss-Army Knife” of external data integration and synchronization closes many gaps that still exists with Microsoft’s out-of-the-box cloud offerings. The rapid adoption of Microsoft Cloud offerings such as OneDrive, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Dynamics […]

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Microsoft Exchange integration with whatever you want

You can connect, integrate and synchronize Microsoft Exchange data with whatever you want using the Layer2 Cloud Connector. Exchange 2007/2010/2013 on-premises is supported as well as Exchange Online / Office 365. You can sync e.g. contacts, calendar events, tasks, notes or email with almost any other external data source, like […]

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OneDrive f.B. – Synchronize With Whatever You Want

Microsoft OneDrive for Business now comes with 1TB storage per user – but very limited synchronization options to make use of it. The Layer2 Cloud Connector now can close the gap. You will be able to connect, synchronize and share whatever you want to OneDrive for Business document libraries and also lists: server […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with Office 365 and Outlook

Integration of CRM data (online and on-premise) with native SharePoint lists (on-premise or Office 365) can close many issues and add  features, e.g. SharePoint search and Office integration, metadata or attachments, offline and mobile access, change notifications by RSS and email, workflows on data change. Users do not need any direct Dynamics […]

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Goodbye Windows Azure – Say Hello to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft announced on Tuesday this week that Windows Azure, the company’s cloud platform, will be renamed Microsoft Azure. According to the company, this change reflects “Microsoft’s strategy and focus on Azure as the public cloud platform for customers as well as [their] own services.” We clearly see two trends for Microsoft: […]

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SAP to SharePoint Integration via NetWeaver and OData in Minutes instead of Months


SAP integration into Microsoft SharePoint and especially Office 365 is a typical project requirement, but often requires complex development. Now, via SAP NetWeaver and OData things are looking more friedly. While integration via SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is a great step forward to display external data in SharePoint, it […]

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SPC14: Office 365 is now a $1.5B business with 60% of the Fortune 500 in there

As Jared Spataro noted at the SharePoint Conference 2014 (#SPC14) Office 365 is now a $1.5B business with 60% of the Fortune 500 in there, the fastest growing Microsoft product ever. And there will be more, like OneDrive for Business as a standalone edition, Office Online for private users, Office […]

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