Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with Office 365 and Outlook

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with Office 365 and Outlook

Integration of CRM data (online and on-premise) with native SharePoint lists (on-premise or Office 365) can close many issues and add  features, e.g. SharePoint search and Office integration, metadata or attachments, offline and mobile access, change notifications by RSS and email, workflows on data change. Users do not need any direct Dynamics CRM access (or CRM license). They work in a simplified architecture and well-known Office UI with native SharePoint lists – with highest security and best performance. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer, you will most certainly have all your business contact information stored within your CRM environment. Accessing these contacts within a collaborative environment  such as Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 can be of great value to every single employee. Although the CRM offers a great integration in Microsoft Outlook, it might be a massive overhead for employees who just need to access the contact details. Integrating e.g. a SharePoint contact lists with Microsoft Outlook is a much easier approach. A step-by-step intro is given now in the Layer2 Cloud Connector FAQ section. Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-Online-Accounts-600Fig.: Accounts view in Microsoft CRM Online.  The connection can be established with the Layer2 Cloud Connector, the “Swiss-Army Knife” of  SharePoint and Office 365 data integration. No changes are required in CRM or SharePoint. Dynamics CRM integration can help to release the potential benefits of  both, CRM and SharePoint, on-premise and in the Microsoft Cloud. SharePoint-Dynamics-CRM-Integration-Contacts-600 Fig.: Contacts view in SharePoint Online – synchronized with the CRM accounts. “We are extremely pleased having adopted the Layer2 Cloud Connector. We have built all of our needs for CRM to SharePoint integration quickly and without spending a lot of money on third party integrators or developers” quoted Phillip Sykes @ bibliotheca – the world’s leading technology supplier to libraries – the Layer2 Cloud Connector product at Microsoft Pinpoint. Please find more reviews here. SharePoint-Dynamics-CRM-Integration-Outlook-600 Fig.: Contacts in Outlook, synchronized with the SharePoint contact list and CRM accounts view.

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