Bye, Bye Office 365 and SharePoint Auto-Hosted Apps

Bye, Bye Office 365 and SharePoint Auto-Hosted Apps

Microsoft has announced today that the Office 365 Autohosted Apps Preview program will end on June 30, 2014. After June 30th, developers will not be able to create new autohosted apps in SharePoint. While with MOSS 2007 guidance was to use Farm Solutions for customization and extensibility, with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 came Sandbox Solution model, to run on both on-premise and in the cloud. With SharePoint 2013 the new pitch was to make use of neither Farm or Sandbox Solutions, but the App Model. With Office 365 Auto-hosted Apps were the simplest way to start with the new app model. The Autohosted Apps service, introduced with SharePoint 2013’s launch, automatically provisions an Azure website and, in some cases, also an Azure SQL database when apps are installed. With auto-hosted apps as an ISV you could focus to software development, not hosting. Program data and logic are hosted in a trusted Azure environment in the Microsoft Cloud. But hold on … Autohosted Apps are retiring now. Microsoft is pulling the plug on the new model of deploying and hosting apps for SharePoint that relied on the company’s Azure platform. Vendors have to migrate from Auto-Hosted Apps to Provider Hosted Apps. Instructions for Autohosted App migration are published online. The rate at which Microsoft is introducing and deprecating SharePoint customization and extensibility models, customers and vendors are starting to loose trust in Microsoft.

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