OneDrive f.B. – Synchronize With Whatever You Want

OneDrive f.B. – Synchronize With Whatever You Want

Microsoft OneDrive for Business now comes with 1TB storage per user – but very limited synchronization options to make use of it. The Layer2 Cloud Connector now can close the gap. You will be able to connect, synchronize and share whatever you want to OneDrive for Business document libraries and also lists:
  • server file shares, user home drives, any local file directory or document folders
  • database query content from SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, AS/400, DB2 and others
  • data from ERP/CRM Systems like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics CRM (e.g. via OData)
  • content from Excel, Access, FileMaker or others (via ODBC or OLEDB)
  • XML-files or web services (via XPath queries)
  • RSS Feeds, e.g. News Feeds for Aggregation and search
  • Data from SQL Azure, SalesForce, Twitter, Facebook or other Cloud-based services,
  • data from another SharePoint Installation (local or in the cloud)
  • data from Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes
The Layer2 Cloud Connector also offers flexible synchronization options like:
  • uni-directional or bi-directional synchronization
  • syncing files or just metadata,
  • all files or just a subset,
  • syncing to target folders,
  • synchronization with no delete, no insert or no update
  • advanced error handling, e.g. for non-compliant file names or types
to implement specific business logic. You can setup the connections in just minutes in the Loud Connector Connection Manager, codeless using familiar connection strings. Many sample connections are included. No changes are required at the data source or data destination side. One synced, you have the full Features of OneDrive for Business available, e.g. sharing, mobile access, change notifications, workflows etc. Please take a look into this step-by-step intro to OneDrive for Business synchronization via Layer2 Cloud Connector now. You can download a free Shareware Edition of the tool after registration on the Layer2 Cloud Connector product page.    

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