Pull Web Services Data to native SharePoint Lists via SOAP

Pull Web Services Data to native SharePoint Lists via SOAP

Layer2 Cloud Connector
SOAP is a widely used XML-based data format to interact with Web Services. Many systems and apps are offering SOAP interfaces to expose data to 3rd party applications. The Layer2 Cloud Connector can pull SOAP-based data from any compliant web service and push to SharePoint lists to keep the data entities in sync. As the data is “cached” in native SharePoint lists (instead of just displaying it in the user interface) it is available for all the great SharePoint features like views, search, lookups, notifications, and workflows.
These are your advantages of using the Layer2 Cloud Connector:
  • SOAP Web Services can be integrated with SharePoint lists.
  • SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online supported.
  • Layer2 Data Provider for SOAP included in package.
  • Just enter the URL of your SOAP endpoint.
  • Query your SOAP data source using a SQL-like query language.
  • No changes or triggers on the SOAP-side required.
  • High performance and reliable architecture due to SharePoint list caching.
  • Write your own SOAP service to integrate customer specific apps.
  • All SharePoint features are available for your external SOAP data.
  • This feature is also available via Layer2 Business Data List Connector.


SOAP SharePoint
Learn more about using SOAP Web Services with the Layer2 Cloud Connector.
Find more information about SOAP and SharePoint integration or about the Layer2 Cloud Conector on our website.

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