RSS News Feed Aggregator in Office 365 and SharePoint

RSS News Feed Aggregator in Office 365 and SharePoint

SharePoint-Integration-RSS-2You can build your own RSS News Feed Aggregator with Office 365 and SharePoint to follow news topics related to your specific products and services.     You can make use of
  • mobile and offline access,
  • search,
  • subscriptions,
  • change notifications,
  • managed metadata,
  • rating,
  • workflows etc.
codeless using the Layer2 Cloud Connector. Simply connect to data source and data destination and synchronize uni-directional to the SharePoint list. Do enable Aggregation plese select the “no delete” Option on the SharePoint side. This will prevent items to be deleted if become outdated. You can use one connection to pull from several different sources, or alternatively one connection per source, to have more detailed control. You can set the sync interval e.g. to 10 minutes or less, if required. Please note that any Office 365 plan is supported, also OneDrive for Business or SharePoint 2010 / 2013 on-premises. No Problem to sync more then 5.000 items per list (list view threshold). Please learn more about the full technical specifications and a step-by-step intro on how to build your own RSS Feed Aggregator with Office 365 and SharePoint in our FAQs. You can download the tool after Registration from the product page. Try the Personal Edition or Professional Edition offered there. A Free Shareware Edition is also available (with some limitations).  

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